Product Updates

Introducing Member+: Learn about Meetup’s Premium Member Subscription

Meetup’s Member+ offering is an exciting development for members who want more social opportunities at their fingertips. Learn what it means to upgrade to a Member+ subscription.

Recording | That’s a Wrap on 2022: Tech Update

Discover Meetup’s plans for improving our communication tools and learn about upcoming features for the Meetup for Organizers app.

What’s New at Meetup: Product Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest updates and product releases from the Meetup team.

Event Chat: Meetup’s Latest Communication Innovation

A true game-changer, Event Chat will help you stay connected between events with life-like conversations in real time.

New to Meetup: the Event Check-In Feature for Organizers

Organizers, one of your top-requested feature requests for the Meetup platform is here. Attendance taking with Event Check-In on the Meetup for Organizers app is a game-changer.

New to Meetup: Group Fundraising

Empower your community to contribute. A new Fundraising feature will allow organizers to collect optional monetary donations for group goals.

Recording | New at Meetup: Product Update

An overview of new Meetup features coming your way including group fundraising, attendance taking, and more!

The Ultimate Guide to Online Events

Virtual events are powerful tools for connecting communities. Use Meetup’s new Zoom integration to get your online event up and running quickly.