What we're about

Back by popular demand for everybody that's been asking me to bring the meetup back here you go! and for all our new future friends welcome to the club!

So basically we are about having an amazing time, making friends, doing cool sh*t and living life to the fullest

My name is Kamani my friends call me rocket I'm not a club promoter this ain't that we are just about connecting awesome like-minded people to do cool sh*t and enjoy life

so the different activities we do here are

Our famous new friends night
Movies night
Brunch on Sundays
Game nights
Park pizza party
Road trips
Vacations and travel events
party nights (hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, pop, dance, music)
street fairs
happy hours
museums, art fairs
exclusive member events

and many more unique events, this is a social group so we take lots of pictures and have a good time so if you're down for all that come ride this wave with the coolest people you know!

Upcoming events (2)


AMC 34th Street 14

Avatar is back we gonna go to dinner then wall over to the theater to see the movie after get your tickets now because they are gonna sell out
movie tralier - VIDEO

dinner is at 5:30pm
here is the link to rsvp for dinner space is limited - DINNER

the movie is at 7pm
I'm in seat E11 get a seat nearby and post below - TICKETS

join the Official WhatsApp group to keep up to date! - whatsapp group


The Cauldron

So I posted about this in the message I sent out last week and the WhatsApp group but there are new people who join the group every day and have been messaging me about it so I'll post it here. So a bunch of us are going to nye party in downtown manhattan, we already got tickets it's $99 as of right now, it's a deal so I don't know how long it will last or when they will stop extending the sale but if you want to come use the link below to get a ticket all the info about the event is on the ticket.

We gonna take pictures so dress to impress, bring good energy, come meet some amazing people and start the year off with good vibes

Join the whatsapp group and let us know if you got a ticket and are coming - whatsapp group

get tickets here - tickets

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After Work Party!!!


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