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Meditation for Veterans, Service members /Infused W Cosmic Reiki

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Meditation for Veterans, Service members /Infused W Cosmic Reiki


Blessings and light Soul Family,
Have you heard of energy healing or Reiki? If not read here Everything you need to know about Energy healing

Whos this for?; Veterans and Service members interested in Holistic methods of care to pair along with the care they're already receiving. These meditations will help start approaching your health from different angles. We will be teaching mindfulness techniques that will be used to help combat stress after the session.
*We can not give medical advice, nor can we prescribe medicine.

  1. Ready to unite Mind, Body, and Spirit
  2. Have you had problems maintaining a steady mind during meditation?
  3. Battling physical pain, emotional or creative blocks, PTSD, low energy, depression, anxiety, focus or concentration problems?
  4. Looking for a more holistic approach to dealing with health problems?
  5. Want a session being offered in the comfort of your own home?
  6. All sessions will be Virtual. Members will be sent a link to join the meditation. You don't have to speak or show yourself during the session unless you choose to chime in at the end. Everything in these sessions will be between participants.
  7. Please bring a pen and paper to write down all thoughts received

Purpose; My guided meditation will allow you to tune into your own body through your energy centers. At the same time, you are listening to your energy centers which are also known as chakras, I will be channeling Cosmic Seichem Reiki to provide healing and cleansing of the spaces.

Events; Energy is intuitive, and everyone's body will utilize the energy in the way it is best needed, you will only be shown what is needed to be healed at the moment.

  • If you're dealing with physical pain, the energy will spend more time helping your body begin the healing process.
  • If you're dealing with mental distressers the energy will focus on helping bring mental clarity to those plagued with any type of recurring problems.
  • If you are on a spiritual journey the energy may bring messages and intuitive guidance that you may need to continue your path
  • During these sessions, breathing is important or energy may get stuck for instance, one may get stuck on a particular thought during a session. Breathing and intention are the focus, honor the thoughts that occur, and write them down.

I'm just the channel of the Seichem energy, all messages will be given directly to the person in the session, and messages offered will be beneficial for everyone within the group. Pay attention to all details that occur during these flashes, including your emotions, and think of them as waking dreams, thoughts from your subconscious mind. Write them down and revisit them at a later time. At the end of each class, I will also offer 10-15 minutes where people can ask for clarity about what they've seen, mention any feelings or sensations, or ask any questions moving forward.

** We offer an Imagination meditation group sessions weekly.
*** If you are interested in a full Cosmic Reiki session, please contact me directly via my email listed below.

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ZHen Lifestyle; Transformation to your new life begins here!
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